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Dial Lotion For Men Body & Hand (Dial Lotion For Men Body & Hand)
Dial Lotion For Men Body & Hand keeps your skin healthy resilient and moisturized. Featuring a non-greasy fast-absorbing formula that lasts around the clock Dial NutriSkin Lotion is infused with essential vitamins and minerals to heal dry cracked skin
AcneFree Drying Lotion (AcneFree Drying Lotion)
AcneFree Drying Lotion is specifically formulated in an unique 2-phase solution: 1) The clear liquid contains the acne-fighting ingredient, salicylic acid, which penetrates pores to unclog them. 2) The pink sediment features soothing calamine along with other quick-drying ingredients. The calamine soothes the affected area and acts as a dry, protective barrier overnight. AcneFree Drying Lotion is packed full of specialty ingredients that have anti-microbial and anti-inflammation properties. This product is a great alternative for anyone with sensitivities to spot treatments containing benzoyl peroxide. Compare to Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, this product is a steal!
Dermasil Lotion for Dry Skin (Dermasil Lotion for Dry Skin )
Dermasil is a dry skin care product, with unique qualities for your skin. It comes in three formulations, Dermasil for Dry Skin Treatment, Dermasil for Sensitive Skin Treatment and Dermasil for Advanced Treatment. The Dermasil Lotions are well known for their quality and efficacy, and are recommended for Severe Dry Skin / Xerotic Eczema. Please see below the Dermasil products.
Dermasil is a dry skin care product, with unique qualities for your skin.
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